Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teenagers and Media

I just came across some interesting facts about teenagers and tv on Jonathan's blog. Honestly some of the information surprised me. Here is a pie chart of the total media time consumed by teenagers on various platforms:

Here is a quote from Time Warner Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes claims, “TV is not only not dead, but it’s one of the fastest growing businesses. Ratings, time spent and viewership are all up.”

With this mind, here are two questions:
  1. Are you surprised with this information?
  2. What is the primary platform with which you communicate with teenagers in your church/ministry?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Journey to Everest

Journey to Everest is a film directed by David Kiern. It follows the adventure of six people who trek to Everest base camp. During the trek the team get to visit some great places and interesting people.

The movie will be premiering in churches through out the country on July 11th. You can use this at your church for FREE.

Here is a short video of the director talking about how the movie can be used in various ways at your church. The video also has the trailer of the movie.

Journey to Everest Summer Release from Epiphany Productions on Vimeo.

You can click here for more information regarding the movie or to find out how your church can sign up and use this tool in various ways.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Failure, Life and Leadership

Here is a really well done video from Honda about failure and its role in achieving success.

I have personally failed many times in many ways. From failing in a subject in middle school to at times failing as leader leading the high school department at church, I have failed many times. But by the Grace of God and some very wise people that are in my life I have been able to learn from those experiences and move on instead of getting stuck. I am thankful for my family, leaders and the team I get to lead who have given me room to fail.

So what about you?
  1. What did you get out of it?
  2. What have you failed at?
  3. How did you move past it and keep going?
  4. Do you give people that you lead room to fail?