Monday, December 13, 2010

In their place

If you really want to lead well and influence people around you then you need to put yourself in their shoes. There are going to be times and situations when those who are following you will not do or deliver the expected. During those times it is important not to get frustrated but rather try to understand them by putting yourself in their shoes.

People want and like to be understood. When you take the time to understand a person you will increase their respect towards you and this will allow you to influence them in a positive way.

Take the time, put yourself in their shoes and learn to understand.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Knowing vs. Doing

Parents know that their actions speak louder than their words to their children but most of them use words to influence their children.

Leaders know that leading by example is much more effective than 'preaching' to their followers but most of them 'preach' rather than lead by example.

People know that giving advice to others is easy but living out the same advice is much harder but most people tell others what they need to do instead of living out the same advice in their own lives.

There is a vast difference between knowing something and actually doing it!

Be among the few who actually do and not just know!

It can be hard but the results are worth it!

Friday, December 3, 2010

7 reasons why you should get over it

After the highly anticipated NBA game last night between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, Scott Williams told us to 'Get over it'. Here is why you should.
  • You will waste time if you dont.
  • You will waste energy if you dont.
  • You will dwell on the past instead of preparing for the future.
  • You will harden your heart instead of keeping it sensitive.
  • You will become angry for the wrong reasons.
  • You will become selfish.
  • You will begin to resent people.
and if non of those reasons are good enough then this should be a good reason to!

I know it can be tough, but that is never a good reason for not to get over it!