Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quick hits!

I have been pretty busy the last few days with school work and making sure i get everything done before I go to India for a short visit. 

Well my good friend Michael Ruffin who is a science teacher and a great guy to hang out with just started a blog and you can check it out here

I came across this really cool website on Shawn Wood's blog. The website is designed to help discover your purpose in life. I think you will really like it. 

I finally got on twitter today! You can follow me by clicking here. I also added a widget on this blog which will update my tweets. I am new to it so, still playing around with it and learning! 
You can follow Anthony here. Click here if you want to follow Matt Stakes!

and finally, Google's reader got a facelift today. Check it out!

Well thats it for now! Need to go to bed! Goodnight! (Good morning if you are on the other side of the world!)