Monday, February 9, 2009

Don't park here! (Part 2)

Don't park beside your success/achievements.

It is easy to park beside your success because you have reached your goals and hit them on target and the temptation is to just "park" from that point on hoping that things will just go smoothly from that point on but the truth is far from it!

I have had this temptation when it comes to preparing for a talk, leading a meeting, preparing for a test at school etc. Just because the talk went well, the meeting was productive and I got an A on the test does not guarantee that it will happen again!

I believe it is very important to fight against the tendency to just take it easy and get into "parking" mode and just hope that things will go well. The dangerous thing about this is that for a period of time the results might be the same BUT you will never reach your full potential and the team or organization that you are leading will never thrive but merely survive and that is no way to lead! The Bible tell us to lead diligently and getting into the "parking" mode is the opposite on leading diligently. 

You can find the first part of this series here

What are some of the ares in your life where you had to fight against the tendency to take it easy and park? What are some of the ways you fight against this tendency? What are your thoughts on this?