Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley (book reivew)

This is the second book I got for FREE through Thomas Nelson book review bloggers.

If you have ever listened to or watched Andy Stanley teach at his church or at a conference, you know that he is very simple and easy to understand. Well it the same with this book. Very simple yet profound and powerful thoughts and insights. The book has been very helpful for me, especially because of where I am in my life. There are some really good stories from Andy Stanley's life that he shares in the book to get the points in different chapters across.
The book is a very easy read. Here are some points that really stood out to me:

  1. Direction, not intention determines our destination!
  2. Acknowledging God = Submitting to God
  3. Divine direction begins with unconditional submission. Not information!
  4. Every decision has an outcome, and every path has a destination.
  5. choices are now but outcomes are later.

There are many more things you will learn from the book. You will learn how to choose the right path. If you want to and need help with making better and wiser choices in life, this book will definitely help you with that. At the end of every chapter are great questions for life application.

The book challenged me in many ways and I believe it will continue to do so as I strive to make better choices in life.

If you have read the book, what are your thoughts? What book or books are you currently reading?