Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goal Setting

As we enter a new year, many people will be making resolutions and setting goals. Some stick with the resolutions and goals while others don't. This post was inspired by a tweet from Tony Steward. You can follow him here

The following steps/points were taken from Peter Daniels book How to reach your life goals. It is a great book. You can see some of his videos on YouTube, AOL or Google video. 

So, here you go:

1. Define your goal: If you don't have one make finding a goal your goal! Clearly define your goals in terms of ultimate achievement. Also if you can describe your subordinate major and minor goals. 

2. Set out your strategy:  A step by step improvement towards your goal. This will help give and save energy. It gives you direction. 

3. Plan out your problems: Problems can be planned out. Attitude might be the biggest problem you have. Make a plan to get rid of your problems with God's help. Don't keep having excuses for why you treat people the wrong way, hot tempered, etc.

4. Build in reserves. (mentally, physically, financially): Sometimes it can get uphill all the way and you need a vertical relationship with The Savior. Ask awkward questions, challenge the statements that are made. Have spiritual reserves. Spend some money on your brain and build mental reserves.  Build strong friendships that you can lean on during tough times. 

5. Relate to time frames: This helps you with not getting disappointed. Divide time into small bite size chunks. Mix suitable goals in the same time frame. All goals must fit into time frames. 

6. Create a master plan: this is how you plan to achieve the goal and get the job done. Protect your progress with checkpoints.

7. Do it now: Don't procrastinate! Theories are great, knowledge is power and good intentions are weak promises but decisive action can turn the smallest dream into reality. 

So what are your goals? What are you working on?