Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Are you watering the camels?

In Genesis 24:15-20 we see the story of Abraham's servant traveling in search of a young women who would be suitable to marry Issac.

Genesis 24:15-20 (New King James Version)

15 And it happened, before he had finished speaking, that behold, Rebekah, who was born to Bethuel, son of Milcah, the wife of Nahor, Abraham’s brother, came out with her pitcher on her shoulder. 16 Now the young woman was very beautiful to behold, a virgin; no man had known her. And she went down to the well, filled her pitcher, and came up. 17 And the servant ran to meet her and said, “Please let me drink a little water from your pitcher.”
18 So she said, “Drink, my lord.” Then she quickly let her pitcher down to her hand, and gave him a drink. 19 And when she had finished giving him a drink, she said, “I will draw water for your camels also, until they have finished drinking.” 20 Then she quickly emptied her pitcher into the trough, ran back to the well to draw water, and drew for all his camels.

Rebekah did something that the other young women around her did not do. When Rebekah saw a man and his camels in need of water she did not just provide the man with water but went above what was "required" of her and provided water for the camels too. She went the extra mile to serve. This was not an easy thing to do because camels drink anywhere from 20-100 gallons of water and the Bible says she provided water for all the camels! That was a lot of work considering they did not have the kind of plumbing that we have today!

Rebekah did not know that she was being watched and that she would be making a choice that would alter the rest of her life but she did it anyway. She served.

We never know who might be watching us and how a particular reaction might change the course of our lives. We need to get to a point where we serve and help people around us as a lifestyle and not as something we do only at certain occasions.

So who are the camels that you are not recognizing and watering in your life. Sometimes it might lead to increase and elevation and other times its a opportunity that you and I have to serve and spread the love of Christ in the world.

Be wise and look around you, there are a lot of camels that need to be watered. Will you?