Friday, October 3, 2008

Its Not About The Coffee (Book Review)

Here are some thoughts that i think are interesting from the book:

  • Know who you are. Wear one hat.
  • Goals are emotional. Accomplishing Goals needs effort and will not work if you are not emotional about it.
  • Know what is important to you. Don't compromise.
  • Be people driven, NOT project driven.
  • Values are more important than money.
  • If there was no praise or criticism in the world, where would you be and what would you do?
  • Know why you are where you are? Spend more time in goals, strategy and people.
  • Recepies are more important than rules. Rules set more of the ME culture.
  • Communicate rules in such a way that they don't feel boxed, but rather make them feel that the rules will help the people that they serve.
  • A business needs to be looked at as a group of volunteers who need to be given the freedom to unleash their creativity for the set goals.
  • Honor and reward independent thinking in every area and department. Nurture independent thinking.
  • The enemy of life is indifference!
  • Focus less on what you are doing and more on why you are doing!!
  • Good service is hands and feet but great service is heart!
  • Listen with compassion without preconceived notions.
  • Think like a person of action and act like a person of thought.
  • Only performance is reality when it all comes down.
  • Most of the time when things don't work it is because of the people involved.
  • When trust increases, people will push each other to do better.
I would suggest this book to anyone involved in leadership or business.