Monday, October 27, 2008

Four ways to wreck a small group

  1. Don't Prepare: Don't go over the lesson and try to do everything on the go. (this might help with a few leaders ego - to show that you might be more "spiritual") OUCH!
  2. Let a student dominate the whole group: Let the guy/girl who always opens his/her mouth and has an answer for every question talk all the time, without giving others a chance to talk or share.
  3. Don't have any guidelines: Let the students do whatever they feel like. Let them treat other students in the group any way they want to. 
  4. ALWAYS stick to the lesson: Even if there is a student that needs to talk about an important issue in his/her life that needs attention, don't take the time to do that, since "the topic" is not a part of the lesson.
There you go!

So the next time you want to absolutely wreck the small group experience, simply follow the four ways mentioned above.

For those of you who want to have a great small group experience do the exact opposite of the four ways mentioned above!

Have other ideas.....go ahead and comment.