Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bill Hybels at THE FORUM 2010

  1. I don't think just teaching well will get the full redemptive potential from a church.
  2. Leading well also plays a very important role.
  3. There is a 'mystical' side of leadership.
  4. It requires tenacity and courage.
  5. John 10:27
  6. A dialogue between you and God.
  7. The different paths of my life have been a result of listening to the whispers of God and obeying them.
  8. When you hear a whisper of God and obeying does not mean that things will get easy for you.
  9. The road can get very tough!
  10. Even when whispers come at a high price, always obey!
  11. It took 6-8 years before it looked like Willow Creek was really a whisper from God.
  12. To be a high impact leader, you need to listen to the whispers.