Thursday, September 9, 2010

Marcus Buckingham at THE FORUM 2010

  1. Psalms 18:32
  2. The difference between a good and bad marriage is not the number of fights, but what happens between the fights.
  3. Excellence is not the opposite of failure.
  4. Studying failure does not explain excellence.
  5. Any great company will have significant range in performance in its teams.
  6. Who sits on your personal board?
  7. Would you be on the personal board of the people that you lead?
  8. Think of the reason why you would have someone on your board.
  9. Those are the same things that the people you lead are expecting from you.
  10. You cannot be cowardly in leadership.
  11. Leaders need to define what quality looks like.
  12. Clarity is vital to leadership.
  13. The three most important questions that great leaders ask are: 1. Are my coworkers committed to quality work? 2. Do I know what is expected of me at work? and 3. At work do I have the chance to do what I do best everyday?
  14. The challenge of leadership is to multiply.
  15. Everybody has areas that they can get better at but greatest areas to get better at are at your strengths.
  16. Manage around your weaknesses. They are not areas of opportunity.
  17. Strengths are not what you are good at and your weaknesses are not what you are bad at!
  18. Strengths are activities that strengthens you and weaknesses are activities that weakens you.
  19. S= Success (if you feel effective), I = Instinct (You look forward to it), G= Growth (you feel focused), N= Needs (you feel fulfilled.)
  20. If you feel any of the above put them in the strengths category.