Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My take on P90X workout!

I have been working out on a regular basis for the past few years. It started with me being 'that guy' at the gym who did not really know how to use the equipment and felt overwhelmed and intimidated by other guys in the place. 

Then I was introduced to P90X by my cousin and things changed after that. It was definitely intimidating just to watch some of the workouts but something in me just wanted to try it and I am really glad i did. So far I have finished the 90 day workout routine several times. My goal was and still is to be strong and healthy not necessarily, a six pack so once I complete the routine I take some time off during Christmas or vacation and get back to it later. 

P90X pushed me and taught me a lot about my body and the basics of working out. I learnt about good form and the importance of including weights, cardio and stretching. Tony Horton, who is the instructor does a good job of motivating people to keep pushing.  

If you are looking into workout programs, I highly recommend this workout. It is absolutely tough but you will definitely see results. I did not follow the meal plan all the way but ate healthy and was able to see results. 

You can get more information here and buy the product here

Have you used this program and if so what has your experience been with it? What other workout programs have you worked with?