Wednesday, June 1, 2011

5 Roadblocks to critical thinking

Every leader has the responsibility to think critically of the things around them. I don't mean that they have to be critical of others but that they have to think critically of the decisions and actions that are being taken both by themselves and others around them.
Here are some of the roadblocks that leaders face when it comes to thinking critically:
  1. Pride: It is not an uncommon thing for a leader to start thinking that his way of thinking and doing is the right way, especially when he experiences a certain level of success in the things that he has worked on. This can often stop a leader from thinking critically because he will constantly reply on his way of doing things even when the circumstances call for a change.
  2. Cultural bias: Everybody is a product of the environment and culture that they are raised in. The values and stereotypes that they learn become a part of their lives. This causes leaders to look for things that support their views instead of taking an objective and critical look at things.
  3. Ignorance: You cannot think critically if you do not have enough information about a particular thing. Leaders can make the mistake of not learning enough before they can make a decision.
  4. Always agreeing with 'experts': There is nothing wrong with learning from experts in the field and people who have done things that you would like to do but at the same time it is not wise to blindly agree and accept everything that is said by them.
  5. Isolation: You cannot think critically if you never spend time with others who don't necessarily think like you and who don't agree with you. Isolating yourself from people who don't think like you will only make you think that your way of thinking is the best way. You will end up thinking your ideas are strong but in reality they only stand because they haven't been challenged.
What are some of the other roadblocks that you can think of when it comes to critical thinking?